A pinkie promise is a binding arrangement between two parties, usually made by intertwining your pinkie finger with the person you are making the promise to.

Don't worry, we don't force anyone to do this with us! It does signify how serious we are about making a promise to you that we bring creativity, commitment and focus to our relationships with clients. It's a promise that seals the deal and ensures that your wedding will be the best!


As professional event co-ordinators, we can help to make your wedding an experience to remember - with none of the stress or hassle involved in bringing all the elements together.

Why not work with someone who will find out what you want, present lots of options to you, help you choose EXACTLY what you want - and deliver it for you, leaving you to enjoy your day without worrying over the little details?

We can help you have the right wedding experience for you - whether you don't want a lot of fuss - or the biggest party in town!

We can help once you know the when and where - or we can find you that ideal venue which none of your friends even know about.

We are based in Dundee, Scotland and have over 10 years experience in organising events. As the Creative Director at Pinkie Promise Weddings, Alison Henderson will work with you to bring together all the elements of your wedding and make sure you feel like a star on your big day.